About us

Founded in 1990 in Hong Kong, WWRC Group is a global leader providing chemical solutions for various industries. We are reputed as innovative, trusted and the first choice partner in new product development with our one-stop chemicals solution - R & D backup, worldwide sourcing, comprehensive distribution network, high quality products, well-managed logistics and warehousing support. Today, our offices in Mainland have expanded to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chengdu which build up a comprehensive supplies network and we can offer our best services in the region.

Chemicals are the building blocks of life; they are in us and all around us - energy sustainability, the sturdiest building, effective medicine, daily used products and lots more involve chemicals. With the core company value of competence, innovativeness and credibility, we strive to combine innovative thinking, vast industrial experience and an acute understanding of different industry practices to develop effective chemical solutions to build the blocks of life and create the better world tomorrow for everyone.

Our innovative efforts today are for solving problems of tomorrow, so we align our global operations and are now known as WWRC Hong Kong Co. Limited (WWRC) in order to offer you the best chemicals solution. The corporate name change signals a redoubling of our effort to be a more efficient chemical solutions provider to you and we are ready to lift up our business together tomorrow.

WWRC, We Simply Improve Everything.